PRIMON AUTOMAZIONI for over 20 years manufactured integrated and innovative industrial automation solutions for the Taps and fittings and valves manufacturing industry.
Consolidated organization aims at providing a global array of industrial automation products to the customer:
  • Ball valves, valves for radiators, thermostatic valves, gate valve, manifolds, head valves, connections and accessories assembly and test automatic lines and machines.
  • Mixer thermostatic and headvalve taps assembly and test automatic lines and machines
  • Assembly test and calibration automatic lines and machines of mixer, thermostatic and headvalve cartridges
  • Automatic and semiautomatic taps, valves and accessories assembly stations
  • Air and/or water tightness test systems and benches of taps, valves and accessories
  • Machine tools loading unloading, transfer, control lathes, working centers
  • Special automatic machines for taps and fittings, valves and accessories
  • Handling and Palletization
The skills of Primon Automazioni in the field of handling, assembly and test; ability to coordinate and manage industrial automation projects for small and medium industry, the use of state of the art technologies and the knowledge of the most reliable and performing components, allow us to meet properly Customers' needs.

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